Ang Disyembre 22 ang may pinakamatagal na gabi ngayong 2022 dahil sa Winter Solstice.

“December 22 will be the longest night of the year as the Winter Solstice falls on Thursday, making nights in the Philippines longer than daytime now that the Earth has completed another annual circuit around the Sun,” ayon sa PAGASA’s astronomical diary.

Sabi pa ng PAGASA na ang eksaktong oras ng pagsisimula ito ay kaninang 5:48 a.m.

“During the December Solstice, the northern hemisphere will experience the shortest day and longest night, this day also marks the first day of winter. Consequently, in the southern hemisphere, this day marks the first day of summer,” saad ng PAGASA.

“Although nights are still longer after this occurrence, they will eventually get shorter and the days will get longer until the Spring equinox, when the length of night and day will roughly be equal,” dagdag pa sa kanilang ulat.

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