Muli nanamang na-bash ang Scottish vlogger na si Dale Philip dahil panay reklamo umano ito sa kaniyang commercial flight papuntang Bohol sa vlog nito sa YouTube.

Puna ng Facebook user na si ND.GG:

“1. Bro booked late for his flight and complains why it was expensive.

2. Bro paid premium for booking late complains about people who booked premium early and enjoyed half the price as he did.
That’s a “YOU” fault sir.

3. Bro is a constant complainer; did not get his bag right away, complains.

I get the starbucks loitering but this is taking it too far.

Everyone has the RIGHT TO TRAVEL–you are travelling commercial so expect other people to be travelling with you.

Next time and have some Loblachi”

Pinaulanan naman ng batikos sa comment section ng post ang nasabing vlogger.

Ani ng mga netizens:

“First world citizen expecting a first world treatment in a third world country.”

“Book a private jet instead”

“He’s expecting that his baggage will come out first cause he paid premium… Well he’s not the only one who paid premiums i guess… And why is he talking behind the back of those who paid half of what he paid it not their fault but his fault for booking late…”

Ayon din sa isang netizen sa comment section, kapansin pansin umano ang paraan ng pag v-vlog nito na puro reklamo umano kahit saang bansa ito tumuntong. Tila umano ito na ang ‘style’ nito sa pag gawa ng content.

“I get negativity vibes from his vlogs even though he is traveling to different countries with different cultures and different people. It seems to be his way of content. Since then I blocked his page ” ani ni Carjo Moreno. (Carl Balasa)

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